Ballast Water Analysis (BWMS Commissioning Test, VGP Test)

BWMS commissioning testing;
IMO’s Marine Environmental Protection Committee (MEPC 74) in May 2019, approved draft amendments to the BWM Convention, which mandate commissioning testing of BWMS during installation surveys in order to verify that the BWMS is operating properly through representative sampling and indicative analysis.
There are two sampling events which are required for the testing: one grab sample should be taken from the source ballast water, whilst the other should be taken from the discharge of ballast water after treatment. Both of these samples should thereafter be analysed in accordance with Discharge Standards of Regulation D-2.

Ballast Water-VGP Testing
Ballast Water-VGP testing applies to all ships of 1600 Gross Registered Tonnage (GRT) and above, discharging ballast water in the US.

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