Ship Repair, Maintenance, Repair and Spare Parts Services

We offer ship repair and technical services for vessels, marine and offshore industries.

  • General Repairs, Overhaul and Maintenance On Board, Ashore
  • Emergency Repairs
  • Technical Services
  • Marine Spare Parts Reconditioning
  • Retrofitting and Installation Of Deck, Engine, Cargo and Other Marine Equipment
  • Pre-purchase Inspection and Condition Surveys
  • Technical Superintendence and Consultancy Services
  • Marine Main Engines Repair, Overhaul and Maintenance
  • Marine Auxiliary Engines and Shaft Generator Repair, Overhaul and Maintenance
  • Marine Turbochargers Overhaul and Repair
  • Marine Boilers Repair, Retrofit, Re-tubing, Refractory Insulation, Chemical Cleaning, Hydro-washing and Spare Parts
  • Marine Heat Exchangers, Condensers and Coolers Repair, Re-tubing, Refurbishing, Leak
  • Testing, Cleaning, Regasketing and Replacements
  • Marine Refrigeration, Air Conditioning System and Hvac System Maintenance, Service and Repair
  • Marine Hydraulic Equipment, Machines and Components Included Pumps, Motors,actuators, Valves, And Cylinders Etc Service, Repair and Maintenance
  • Marine Pneumatic Equipment, Machine and Components Service, Repair and Maintenance
  • Marine Electrical and Electronics Service, Installation, Testing and Repair
  • Switchboard Installation‚ Service‚ And Replacement
  • Marine Electric Motor and Generator Rewinding and Mechanical Repairs
  • Marine Air Compressor Service and Repair
  • Marine Ows and Separators Service and Repair
  • Fw Generator Service and Repair
  • Marine Steel Renewal Works
  • Marine Pipe Works
  • Marine Cranes and Windlass Winches Repair, Service and Maintenance
  • Manufacturing Of Marine Rigging, Lifting and Handling Equipment
  • Emergency Towing Arrangement
  • Removal/Reinstallation Of Offshore Oil Rigs’ Derrick Top and Bottom Sections, Drilling Packages