IHM services (IHM maintenance/ HazMat sampling&reporting)

We can reliably check your ship’s ability to comply with both the EU SRR and HKC Convention requirements. We can also guide shipyards in meeting the requirements for class issuing, help your vessel obtain the endorsement of an international certificate regarding the IHM, and assist you in obtaining the issuance of an international Ready for Recycling (RfRC) certificate where applicable.

Our service provides the following outputs:

Full IHM Part I based on sampling
Full IHM Part I based on document analysis (MD & SDoC)

Ships which are destined for recycling are also required to carry an IHM, which will be specific to each ship.. Ships will be required to carry out an initial survey to verify the inventory of hazardous materials, renewal surveys during the lifespan of the ship, and a final survey prior to the recycling process.

IHM Maintenance;

Hazardous materials can impair our lives and the environment without proper management. They must be correctly identified, managed, and recycled over the entire span of the ship’s lifecycle. As part of these management processes, it is essential for ships to maintain and regularly update their Inventory of Hazardous Materials (IHM) as mandated to do so under the European Union Ship Recycling Regulations (EUSSR) and Hong Kong Convention (HKC) for vessels above 500 GT. IHM maintenance is vital for ships to reduce health risks to crew members.

While conducting an IHM survey and obtaining an approved report is the basis for compliance, it is important to remember that IHM is a living document, so it needs to be frequently updated throughout the entire lifespan of your vessel.